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December 2014 in Brief

The European mutual fund industry experienced net outflows (-€1.4bn) from long-term mutual funds for December. In the rough market conditions mixed-asset funds (+€11.6bn) and property funds (+€0.3bn) were the only asset classes with net inflows, while bond funds (-€5.7bn) and equity funds (-€5.4bn) as well as “other” funds (-€1.4bn), commodity funds (-€0.5bn), and alternative/hedge products (-€0.3bn) suffered net outflows for December. The outflows for December brought down the full year net inflows to €348bn.

In line with the long-term products, money market products also faced net outflows for December; money market funds posted outflows of €17.6bn, whereas enhanced money market funds enjoyed small net inflows of €0.03bn. These flows drove down the full-year net inflows for 2014 to money market products to €19.6bn.

According to the overall net flows, asset allocation (+€7.4bn) was the best selling sector with regard to long-term funds, followed by bonds EUR corporate investment-grade funds (+€3.3bn) and bonds EUR funds (+€3.3bn) as well as equities North America funds (+€2.2bn) and mixed-asset balanced funds (+€1.7bn). At the other end of the spectrum bonds USD corporate high yield funds suffered net outflows (-€4.5bn), bettered somewhat by bonds global high yield funds (-€3.2bn) as well as equities Germany funds (-€2.1bn), bonds emerging markets in local currencies funds (-€2.0bn), and equities emerging markets funds (-€1.8bn). Read more

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