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Latest News - 05/06/2015:

Broadridge Completes Acquisition of Fiduciary Services and Competitive Intelligence Business from Thomson Reuters. Click here to read the presss release.

May 2015 in Brief

May 2015 saw a massive slowdown in flows for long-term mutual funds. Even though the European mutual funds industry enjoyed net inflows of €16.3bn into these products during the month, the flows were far behind the numbers of the other months of 2015. Opposite to April, the majority of the flows went into mixed-asset funds (+€18.9bn), followed by bond funds (+€1.1bn), property funds (+€0.6bn), and commodity funds (+€0.4bn). On the other side of the table equity funds faced outflows of €3.1bn, bettered by alternative/hedge products (-€1.4bn) and “other” products (-€0.4bn).

Money market products showed a mixed picture for May; money market funds faced net outflows of €13.8bn, while enhanced money market products enjoyed net inflows of €1bn. Read more

European Fund Market Review - 2015 Edition

Lipper's annual review of the European funds industry provides 20 pages packed with sales and assets data on activity in different markets, as well as a look at which groups and products prospered in 2014. The report includes unique data on cross-border activity, as well as commentary on various issues that impact the industry over the near term and long term.

You can view the report by clicking here